What Topics Will I Write About?

What topics won’t I talk about? I am a man of many traits, a man of many talents. I was a student athlete in college and an All-American in Highschool. Growing up in my teens I would’ve categorized myself as a stereotypical “jock”. The cheesy one that Hollywood portrays in the movies too. I cared very little about my education and to be perfectly honest, didn’t care too much for anyone except for myself. Super self absorbed but I credit that to maturity. Through trial and error I am who I am today. I am extremely curious and super giving.. sometimes over giving and that can be a downfall to not putting myself first in some cases.

So back to the topics I’ll talk about. Given my sense of natural curiosity in mid 20s, I will be talking about everything. Sports are still such a presence in my life. That will never go away and it was something I was super longing for and was beat up over once COVID-19 took it away. I’ll watch any sport but Golf. Also will be making some outlandish takes over sports and sport figures through my blog. My friends know me as someone who likes to go against the grain and make unpopular opinions. It makes for better dialogue in my opinion. Sorry not sorry.

Politics? Eh… not my forte, but it is an election year so I’ll be dishing out my spicy takes for sure. I’ll shed some light on the matter but your 1st amendment is slowly getting taken away by the month, so maybe we stay away from that.

Yoga… I fucking love yoga. I am so fascinated with the human body and how it works. I have been in a serious yoga practice now for a little over half a year. I get my ass to the mat everyday (maybe every other day). I follow a monthly yoga calendar by YouTube influencer , Yoga by Adriene. Yoga has given me an escape from reality. In this ever so fast rat race we are in, it give me a chance to slow my mind down. Gives me a moment to be in the present… Also has a ton of benefits to opening myself up.. physically and spiritually from being hunched over in an ergonomics chair for 10 hours a day. Yoga has been a life saver during quarantine. On the off chance this blog stumbles across your eyes, thank you Adriene.

“In conclusion”… My teachers told me never to close a paper with this, but my teachers can also blow me (I’m trying not to be negative in my writings, but I disliked some of them in middle school). IN CONCLUSION! I will be talking about everything and anything. Like the reality of life, nothing is off limits. This is my mind. Raw and real. For better or for worse. Welcome to the Thunderdome! (Mad Max 1985 movie reference. there will be many film discussions and Easter eggs in my work).

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