Why am I blogging?

Why not just personally journal? Excellent question. I have always been an on and off journaler and to be honest.. it has been 90% off. But this quarantine has been a blessing in disguise when it comes to self care and putting myself first. This quarantine has essentially forced isolation. Something like this was never in my social arsenal.. alone time. As an extrovert, I would constantly be on the move and looking for the next thing to do. Corona virus and 2020 has assured this can’t always be the case.

I have looked towards my journal. I have so many different thoughts (which you guys will notice in my writing style and wide blog topic spectrum) that often times I get flooded and it causes excess stress. There is something about putting that pen to the paper that makes my thoughts and ideas THAT much clearer. I have not only become a better writer since taking up a journal during quarantine, but also a better man. A better son, a better brother, partner, friend.. you name it. I have been better. Not once, have I written a journal entry and been like “Man… I wish I didn’t write that all down.”.. Nope.. not once.

So why am I blogging? Because I work 10 hour desk job and I want to expand my horizons. I want to always be growing. If you aren’t learning and are stagnant in life, you are wasting your time. I have a vision.. I want to create a brand.. I want to create a platform where I can express my true passions. I want to have more meaning when I wake up and not just feel like a cog in a machine in which desk jobs can usually give off. I am so grateful for my job and all the wonderful individuals I have met through the industry, but I want to give back and expand my horizons in different fields of interests. I am excited to get this started. An issue of mine (and I’m working on being gentle to myself) is that I’m not always great at “following through”.. I talk a lot. like A LOT. and don’t always DO. So it’s going to be one day at a time with this blog. It’s going to be one day at a time with life in a pandemic. Thank you for reading and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

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