The Beauty of Personal Connection

Someone asked me once, “What do I enjoy about connecting with others?”

I have always been a big advocate of human interaction which then causes authentic human connection. We are living in a world of technology in which we have the whole internet at our fingertips. We are a society who is immensely addicted to social media and our smart phones. Human interactions have become more and more scare on a day to day basis. This is why I am such a fan of “The Joe Rogan Experience” and Joe Rogan as a person in general. He is genuine, he is raw and he is passionate about keeping discussions in person. That is why his guests on his podcast come to his studio and not just phone in via Zoom. There is a massive difference between having a text or phone call (even facetime) with someone over in-person face to face conversation. You can feel their energy, you can feel their body language. It is very special and becoming more of a lost art sadly.

I vary… Sometimes I’m an extrovert, somedays I’m an introvert and just need “me time”.. but more often than not, if you stick me in a room full of strangers, I will do very well. I am similar to the blending in of a chameleon. I adapt to my environment, I adapt to different people. I like to think I am very good at being able to “read a room”.

I enjoy connecting with others because it also lets me connect to my own self. Being able to bounce back ideas and thoughts and even be challenged. There is something special to that. “A captain surrounded by Yes Men is more often than not going to sink”. It is completely natural to feel opposed. It just depends on how you as an individual handle it. You can not grow as a person if you are not given constructive criticism. You need your actions to have consequences to learn from them. Human interaction is becoming sparse with each passing day. Even more with these TikTok millennials. More Fortnite dances = less conversations.

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