Controlling The Uncontrollable

Sounds like a Roman Stoic superhero power.

This is a concept that I have been trying to focus on. This is one of those things where it is much easier said than done. Often times, I find myself caring too much in certain spaces of life just to ultimately get let down from something that is completely out of my control. I just found myself getting very wound up over something that is not in my power(this is what triggered my desire to rip a quick blog). Nothing that I could say or do could’ve changed the outcome of the situation, but I ultimately took it all on myself. This is a common theme I have with my own self.. being way too hard on myself. Stressing too much about what I can’t control.

I think it stems from my past of playing sports throughout my entire childhood. My dad is the most loving and supportive father/coach of all time, but he was definitely tough on me verbally. From this upbringing of “tough old school parenting”, it has molded me into the personality I have today. Maybe sometimes a bit over sensitive and maybe sometimes a bit hard on myself. I may be hard on myself because I am filling the void of not having a strict coach coming down on me anymore because I am a retired Division 1 athlete.. who knows. But I do know, that I need to stop beating myself on things that aren’t in my control and work on being more gentle on myself. With this will come more self confidence and more personal security in overall life.

Ask yourself if you are too hard on yourself through your day to days. No one knows the answer to that question except for you. Going to start holding myself more accountable with this!

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