Rabbit Rabbit

Happy October! Cheers to a new month. Cheers to new goals. Cheers to making it a great one.

September was a great month for me personally. I hit my Nike Run Club achievement of 50 miles in a month. Yesterday I ran my personal best 10K run at a pace of 7’56! I am so proud of myself and all of the hard work I put in. To be honest, my month of September didn’t start out all that great.. but I was proactive about being aware of what WASN’T working and making a conscious choice to fix it to better myself. I am going to continue to use this momentum into this new month.

New month but also a full moon! It is a bit eerie but also exciting. October 1st and a full moon. I feel a very powerful energy in the air and emotions can definitely get heightened during this time. On Sep 17, 2020 there was a new moon and I set some pretty good intentions for myself. My choices have become a bit more magnified during this full moon but it’s also a time where I can really enjoy them and appreciate them manifesting in all their glory.

(SIDE NOTE – I am not a big astrology guy as that paragraph and the paragraph to come make me out to be)

Heading into this month I am feeling a great deal of confidence and self-acceptance of myself. I feel like I have been soaking in the benefits from my actions over the last few weeks.

Things this full moon has to offer:

Ability to be strong, take action and initiate on feelings.
Have to find a happy balance with this type of energy. No big highs, no big lows.. stay present and balanced.

I have been feeling confident and very in touch with myself. Feel like I am starting to become more and more comfortable with my own rhythms, cycles and patterns of myself. Like I said in the beginning, finding what works and what doesn’t. Life will always throw obstacles your way, it is about dealing with adversity and coming out stronger. Still working on that skill set one day at a time. Can’t wait to crush my first run of the month and first true run under a full moonlight!

So here is to a great month of October. Happy to be sharing my journey with all of you. Make it a great one!

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