Overcoming Powerlessness

In this trying time across the world, it is sometimes very tough to find the light right now. You may be feeling stuck in your current situation or feel a sense of powerlessness. Whatever it may be, know that this is just a feeling of natural emotion. This is just a passing moment in time.

How do you overcome feelings of powerlessness?

I focus on what I can control. I have made a conscious effort to not have excess stress on the uncontrollable that may come from day to days.

Being present both mentally and physically, gives me a grounded state of being which ultimately leads to a sense of “power” and control over myself and emotions. Not letting the past dictate my current life and not letting the fear of the future control where I am in this moment of time.

Focus on what YOU can control. Stay present. Two ways to overcome a feeling of powerlessness.

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