RIP NYC Social Scene

Coronavirus 1 – Having Fun at bars in New York City 0

There is no two ways about it.. the NYC social scene is dead. I was in the city a couple weekends ago watching the College Football Saturday slate with my friends and it felt so weird. Our party was for 12 people, but the law only allowed 10 at the table, which lead us to having to split two tables. 6 by 6. It truly felt like I was in a high school classroom again. No one was allowed to stand up. If I wanted to talk to my friend at the table now next to me, I had to play musical chairs and hunch my way over to their table. To use the common bathroom in the bar? 15-20 min. No exaggeration. I don’t care if you’re with your best friends, that’s not fun. I guess you can be bullish on apartment house parties making a comeback again.

Halloween is, and will always be the most overrated US Holiday. I don’t see myself doing anything like I have done in years past(large gathering). It’s a shame too because it’s on an actual Saturday this year!

Back to the social scene of NYC – I am not living there at the moment so maybe I am a bit bias, but I seriously have no reason to unnecessarily rag on the “new norm” of the city. But I am willing to fall on the sword that says, right now. As of October 13th 2020, the city is not fun.

Example: Let’s say you go out to dinner with a coworker and then 2 clients on a beautiful Thursday night after work in the fall. That’s a four person dinner. You eat somewhere in the West Village at 7pm. Now what do you do after? The bars? No, you can’t just hop around and find a nice tavern for post dinner night cap drinks. It is going to be difficult to find a place that will perfectly fit your party size of a walk-in table to get seated. The whole thing is backwards and a mess.

For me selfishly speaking (also learning it’s OK to be selfish), not living in the city, I am not getting that FOMO because I am missing absolutely nothing. I am not going out 2x a week AND then going out on the weekends. That has been a toxic social cycle I was stuck in and also a big money waster. Both my body AND my wallet have been thanking me. Taking this social aspect out of my life has made me much improved. Silver lining in everything.

Disclaimer – this blog is in no way meant to bash the city or not root for a comeback. If anything, I know it will come back stronger and more lively than ever. Until then.. I’ll be posted on the Ocean through Spring and enjoy weekend visits as a touris.

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