Writer’s Block

The day has finally come…

I like to start my week of with a writing piece. I did a lot of reading today. Work was bust and kept my mind occupied. I went down a continued rabbit hole on Bitcoin and block chain currency from this weekend. I was contemplating this morning what I was going to write about. While many things crossed my mind, I was unable to land on one topic, thus leading me to my first official writer’s block. Hello darkness my old friend….

My post work plans will be getting a run in, then hitting the Atlantic ocean for some fresh salt water, followed by some Monday homemade cheeseburgers and Madden draft. Right now, I have not informed myself enough yet to be speaking or blogging on Bitcoin but this is my #1 interest at the moment. Pretty cool stuff. Also pretty (very complex).

I have my new laptop finally up and running along side the new podcast equipment getting all set up in my at home studio. Excited for some pretty cool stuff to come! Also, new logo as you can see from the front page (still work in progress.) Have a great start to the week everyone! Cheers.

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