Get Decisive

“The more decisive you are

the less anxiety you will feel.”

This correlation has been something I’ve been thinking on for a bit. Becoming more decisive has been a mental intention of mine and one that I have not personally been doing that great with. Whether it’s sending a text message/email or deciding plans, I can never make up my mind and ultimately end up victim to ole indecisiveness. This can sometimes be a crippling and extremely frustrating thought process when you are constantly having self doubt and questioning what you are saying when you are sending a message to someone.

Being decisive means that you can handle a fuck up. In other words, it means you can handle the decision of being wrong. Anxiety about decisions is tough for many people, but making a choice faster allows you to move on to something else and stop worrying. The more in tune you are with the “now”, the more decisive you will become. This can also tie back to past themes I have talked on about staying in the present moment (ironic sentence).

When we are making these decisions, we are in a mental spider-web of being stuck. Once we have a plan and start moving, anxiety disappears. Our brains don’t even care about the “quality” of the plan or choice, only that there is movement! Less action = more anxiety. Get out of that sticky spider web and get decisive with your thought action!

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