New Week, New Thoughts

Happy Monday!

What a roller coaster last week was… Election Week. I feel like my central nervous system fought 9 rounds with Mike Tyson. I don’t think I am the only one who felt that way when the whole country was and has been on edge given all that is going on with the 2020 Presidential Election. Biden is the “winner” announced by the mainstream media, but that still doesn’t officially make him the president of the United States. If Trump somehow pulls the prestige of all magic tricks and squeaks a win out, this country will see more violence in city riots than George Floyd. A lot of uncertainty is still in the air, I personally am trying to tune out the political noise this week and focus my energy towards working on myself.

New week, new goals, new intentions, new energy, new results.

Intentions for the week:

  • Control what I can control
  • Daily journal / gratitude list
  • Yoga or run each day. Keep momentum from last week
  • Be gentle on myself. Don’t be hard on my actions/mess ups. Next one
  • Smile more
  • LISTEN, before speaking. God gave us two ears and one mouth

Obviously, these are intentions for my own self, but hopefully you can take one or two of these and apply to yourself this week. I have been keen on building daily healthy habits, big proponent on blockchain reactions and momentum.

We live in the greatest country in the world and am grateful to be free. That being said, it seems that we are being controlled more than we ever have been since we became free in 1776. Slowly taking away our freedom of speech and cancel culture has been the new “cool and trendy” thing to hop on. So, yes.. we are indeed free, but I am redefining a bit what “freedom” means

Freedom means not needing anyone & not needing to be anyone. Being able to detach from modern day social standards and expectations. Cultivating a life that allows you to pursue your highest callings and potential. THAT, is true freedom.

Have a kick ass week!

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