I am beyond excited to officially launch the FLEXIBULL PODCAST. The first episode was a casual, yet intensive discussion on the ins and outs of Bitcoin with my very good friend Blog of Jake. He not only has an incredible blog which I have linked, but a podcast with some really remarkable guests as well. Sensing big things from him in 2021. Our conversation was driven off each other’s positive energy and he truly ran with my curiosity for Bitcoin and enlightened me on a ton. This is worth the listen if you have no idea what Bitcoin is. Think of it has Bitcoin 101 or Bitcoin for Dummies. I am grateful to have had him on and I feel as if he will definitely be a friend of the show and a reoccurring guest.

It felt a bit weird at first to be back on the mic, but 10 minutes in I could feel my flow back. I had a top rated podcast on iTunes two years ago through Barstool Sports called “The Crease Dive”. It was the number one college lacrosse podcast in the country and I was the co-host with my friend Jordie. I am very excited to be back behind the mic and have some big episodes on the way. Thank you guys for supporting and following along the way.

Check out the first episode of the FLEIXBULL PODCAST here!

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