QOTD: Fear of Failure

Question of the Day: Do you let your fear of failure stop you from giving your best?

This is a new segment I am going to implement one to two times a week on this blog. It gives not only myself, but you guys as the readers a chance to ask yourself these deep and often times complex questions. That question is only one sentence and thirteen words, but it has already sparked much emotion and thought flow in my mind. Doing these early in the morning can give your brain a little jump start you may need that day. It doesn’t hurt to connect with your inner emotions and ask yourself these things.

Do you let your fear of failure stop you from giving your best?

No. The fear of personal failure has never stopped me from giving my best on a day to day basis. Other non-controllable have though such as a lack of confidence, not being assertive and a lack of focus.

That being said, I hate failure. I am extremely tough on myself and maybe that comes from being coached at the highest levels from my childhood through college. It is the way my brain works and sometimes it is counter productive when I am not gentle on myself. Sometimes the fear of failing through taking a huge life risk can enter my thought process and that can tie into the fear of failure stopping me from giving my best because I have the fear of leaving my comfort zone. This can be career, relationships, routines, habits etc.. It is completely normal to be afraid of failing. Just make sure when you fail, you fail upwards 🙂

As long as you stay self aware about your own fears and failure, you will be able to navigate these waters more smoothly.

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