Bring Back Fat Shaming


(This picture was taken in 1976 Florida, so cocaine diet could have had an effect)

Picture of the United States beach in the 70s. Not one fat body. Minimal sugar, no refined carbs, nothing to do outside, plenty to do inside. I truly believe someday we will look at modern day food and think of it like we do cigarettes. Over eating is as bad as smoking. Look at the picture above (again read my side note of possible factor of body weights). No Netflix, no additive sugary Starbucks drinks, no screens in sight. Our society of excess everything is the path to the downfall of many right now. Addiction to porn, drinking, drugs, smart phones etc.. We are losing our sense of moderation and it is a slow self-destructor.

Hot take, but we should bring back fat shaming.

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease.. are all connected and kill more people in our country annually than all other ailments combined. But we are not allowed to talk about this? Imagine creating a vaccine for obesity? What a world.

Maybe WALL-E (2008) was onto something… Heading in this direction.

The real pandemic today is obesity. Closing indoor dining will only promote more fast food / grab and go (chain) restaurants even more. Did you see McDonalds brought back the McRib?! Should be a crime to bring that bad boy back during a pandemic. Instead of closing gyms, close down McDonalds!

Society is going backwards with:

  • Body positive
  • Participation trophies
  • Fighting over who is the biggest victim
  • Lack of personal accountability
  • Fad diets
  • Convince

All of the above list have massive factors in our 43.6% obesity rate (

We know that being obese is destructive to our own personal health, yet people keep saying ” being fat is ok, stop fat shaming!!”

Fuck that. Being fat is mediocre. Life is too short to be mediocre. Take care of yourself and your body will thank you. Take your weight and health into your own hands. Hold yourself accountable and let the benefits follow.

Everyone has the right to live however they want. This has just been a topic I have been thinking about more and more since health has come more to light in this country.

Disclaimer – If you are on medication that effects your health, this is no way applies to you.

4 thoughts on “Bring Back Fat Shaming

  1. This post is on point. As you say, covid has highlighted the health risk of obesity. I heard something the other day — if exercise was a pill, doctors would prescribe it to everyone. Love the list of things bringing us backwards. Silly stuff

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    1. Love that quote, spot on! Really is crazy when you look at the list of stuff bringing us backwards. I saw an interesting side by side of “The New Yorker” magazine cover. 50 years ago and today. Check it out.


  2. I agree, something has to be done. You made valid points about the virus too. I think people have become so comfortable with obesity (and modern comforts too) that people ignore how dangerous it is in the long term. Thanks for your honesty.

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    1. Appreciate the comment, man. I didn’t want this to come off as “toxic”. Agree with your idea on the norm being comfortable with obesity. This piece was supposed to be a wake up call about holding yourself accountable and to a higher standard. Breaking out of the norm and comfort zone!


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