PMA – Positive Mental Attitude.

Friday after work I got absolutely zoned in on my 5K run. It was cold and rainy but I wasn’t going to let that stop be from ending the week strong. You are your own thoughts. Here is the video from my pump up speech I posted to my socials Friday night.

Bring Back Fat Shaming


(This picture was taken in 1976 Florida, so cocaine diet could have had an effect)

Picture of the United States beach in the 70s. Not one fat body. Minimal sugar, no refined carbs, nothing to do outside, plenty to do inside. I truly believe someday we will look at modern day food and think of it like we do cigarettes. Over eating is as bad as smoking. Look at the picture above (again read my side note of possible factor of body weights). No Netflix, no additive sugary Starbucks drinks, no screens in sight. Our society of excess everything is the path to the downfall of many right now. Addiction to porn, drinking, drugs, smart phones etc.. We are losing our sense of moderation and it is a slow self-destructor.

Hot take, but we should bring back fat shaming.

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease.. are all connected and kill more people in our country annually than all other ailments combined. But we are not allowed to talk about this? Imagine creating a vaccine for obesity? What a world.

Maybe WALL-E (2008) was onto something… Heading in this direction.

The real pandemic today is obesity. Closing indoor dining will only promote more fast food / grab and go (chain) restaurants even more. Did you see McDonalds brought back the McRib?! Should be a crime to bring that bad boy back during a pandemic. Instead of closing gyms, close down McDonalds!

Society is going backwards with:

  • Body positive
  • Participation trophies
  • Fighting over who is the biggest victim
  • Lack of personal accountability
  • Fad diets
  • Convince

All of the above list have massive factors in our 43.6% obesity rate (

We know that being obese is destructive to our own personal health, yet people keep saying ” being fat is ok, stop fat shaming!!”

Fuck that. Being fat is mediocre. Life is too short to be mediocre. Take care of yourself and your body will thank you. Take your weight and health into your own hands. Hold yourself accountable and let the benefits follow.

Everyone has the right to live however they want. This has just been a topic I have been thinking about more and more since health has come more to light in this country.

Disclaimer – If you are on medication that effects your health, this is no way applies to you.

Finish Strong – Happy December

โ€œAlmost any decision is better than no decision โ€” just keep moving.โ€ โ€“ Danielle LaPorte

Sometimes thinking too much can destroy momentum. Be decisive and show up!

Rabbit, Rabbit! Happy December, Bulls! Welcome to our final month in this bizarre year. Let’s finish strong. Take some time this week to set a powerful new intention on what you’d like to accomplish in 2021. These healthy intentions and aspects will help us formulate our goals and lend us the energy/guidelines we need to progress towards our dreams.

Momentum is very big. Think of your daily healthy habits as a snowball down a snowy hill (fitting for the winter season!). There is no better time to start your “2021 New Year’s Goals” than today.

Rewire Winter Blues Psyche

December is often a tough time for me mentally. The weather starts getting colder and the days start getting shorter. I have taken so much pride in my running practice since the start of the pandemic back in April. I hit another 100k running month in November. I want to find a way to keep that momentum up for the Spring, but realize it will be difficult in the cold weather. I have never been a winter runner before, but maybe this year is different? I am getting a Peloton towards the end of the month, and I have a tendency to get obsessive over things(try to channel that into a healthy obsession). Especially a community built for working out! There is something about being part of a group that wants to become the best version of themselves. You are your environment. You are who you surround yourself with. Excited to take a bit of break from my shoe to pavement running and start being part of the #SpinGang.

Take some time this week to sit with yourself and set some goals/ intentions you want to work with this month. They don’t need to be too complex and deep, but make sure you are able to do them. Don’t let it be a “challenge” or just a phase you will soon forget after this month. Focus on what we talked about above and build momentum towards the new year. Let’s have a great month!


Yesterday, I was able to get to the beach. Working in an office from dark to dark, I knew that this was probably going to be the last time I hit the beach before the Spring of 2021. So, I put my wetsuit on and got the good vibes going. This message of being grateful and staying present will also be a nice mindset to lean on today. Have a great start to the week. Have a great end of the month. Cheers!

Thanksgiving Week

Happy Monday, Bulls! It is Thanksgiving week. Monday equals, new week, new intentions, new goals, new results. It is a time to reflect on what didn’t work last week, and learn from that. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results is the true definition of “insanity”, the legendary Albert Einstein once said. CHANGE IT UP, if you had a shitty last week. If you don’t learn the lesson, you are doomed to repeat the mistake.

Some themes to focus on this week:

Act with intention – Be conscious of the way you are showing up. Make consistent action to make the things you want happen. Make decisions and take actions that are consistent with your goals and values.

Be gentle on yourself – Make a mistake? Short term memory. Get the next one. If you beat yourself up over your day to day mistakes, you are going to make yourself sick. Let it go! Life is too short to sit on these things for too long.

Be Present – Freedom of past success, freedom from past failures. Not letting the past define who you are in this present moment, not letting the fear of the future (anxiety) steer you off your present path. Do not let a shitty moment in time affect you’re whole day/week. It is just a moment in time, treat it as so. Obviously easier said than done, but practice this mindset and help rewire the brain. A little goes a long way. Be where you are. Be present.

And last but not least, BE THANKFUL – Fitting for Thanksgiving week. We often times shine light on things that we don’t have in life, and don’t give enough attention to the things we do have. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough. Especially during this global dark time of COVID-19, we must appreciate all that we have because we have seen how fast it can be taken away from us. Think about the luxury of indoor dining, visiting grandparents, family visitation restriction. Find little victories and silver linings.

Be thankful for what you have and you will end up having more. I will leave you with a quote from Charles Dickens, “Reflect upon your present blessings- of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Perfect little quote embracing our above themes of both gratitude and present.

Have an awesome Monday and make it a great week!

QOTD: Fear of Failure

Question of the Day: Do you let your fear of failure stop you from giving your best?

This is a new segment I am going to implement one to two times a week on this blog. It gives not only myself, but you guys as the readers a chance to ask yourself these deep and often times complex questions. That question is only one sentence and thirteen words, but it has already sparked much emotion and thought flow in my mind. Doing these early in the morning can give your brain a little jump start you may need that day. It doesn’t hurt to connect with your inner emotions and ask yourself these things.

Do you let your fear of failure stop you from giving your best?

No. The fear of personal failure has never stopped me from giving my best on a day to day basis. Other non-controllable have though such as a lack of confidence, not being assertive and a lack of focus.

That being said, I hate failure. I am extremely tough on myself and maybe that comes from being coached at the highest levels from my childhood through college. It is the way my brain works and sometimes it is counter productive when I am not gentle on myself. Sometimes the fear of failing through taking a huge life risk can enter my thought process and that can tie into the fear of failure stopping me from giving my best because I have the fear of leaving my comfort zone. This can be career, relationships, routines, habits etc.. It is completely normal to be afraid of failing. Just make sure when you fail, you fail upwards ๐Ÿ™‚

As long as you stay self aware about your own fears and failure, you will be able to navigate these waters more smoothly.

Everything is Change

“No man steps in the same river twice.” Because the river has changed, and so has the man. – Marcus Aurelius

Life is in a constant state of change, and so are we as human beings. To get upset by things is to wrongly assume that these moments in time will last. That type of thinking pattern is very toxic to the mental state. Work on being more kind and gentle towards your roommate living upstairs in that head of yours!

The only thing constant in a world of inconsistency is change. Bit trippy when you read that out loud a couple times. On the theme of working on controlling the controllable and not stressing about what we can’t control, I ask you this week, to embrace this concept. Flow with it. Everything is change.

Thank you reading and have an awesome Monday! Win the day.


I am beyond excited to officially launch the FLEXIBULL PODCAST. The first episode was a casual, yet intensive discussion on the ins and outs of Bitcoin with my very good friend Blog of Jake. He not only has an incredible blog which I have linked, but a podcast with some really remarkable guests as well. Sensing big things from him in 2021. Our conversation was driven off each other’s positive energy and he truly ran with my curiosity for Bitcoin and enlightened me on a ton. This is worth the listen if you have no idea what Bitcoin is. Think of it has Bitcoin 101 or Bitcoin for Dummies. I am grateful to have had him on and I feel as if he will definitely be a friend of the show and a reoccurring guest.

It felt a bit weird at first to be back on the mic, but 10 minutes in I could feel my flow back. I had a top rated podcast on iTunes two years ago through Barstool Sports called “The Crease Dive”. It was the number one college lacrosse podcast in the country and I was the co-host with my friend Jordie. I am very excited to be back behind the mic and have some big episodes on the way. Thank you guys for supporting and following along the way.

Check out the first episode of the FLEIXBULL PODCAST here!

Popped My Meat Cherry

Buon appetito! This is a no judge zone here. It may come as a surprise and I’ll admit.. it’s a bit embarrassing to type out, but I’ve never cooked a steak before. Never. Not one time. I don’t know what got into me today, but on my way home from getting a COVID test (I am negative), I decided to treat myself to my favorite steak house down here for lunch. It’s called Butchers Block in Long Branch. This place was all the rave this summer and the fall. Interesting to see how they do with Murphy’s new laws for indoor dining this winter… what a shit show.

I walked in and they don’t do take out, they know me a bit there so I asked for a pound and a half of the fresh cut filet. I don’t know why, but for some reason I thought they were going to cook it up for me.. this was not the case. The butcher cut and wrapped me a beautiful piece of filet. Handed it over to a man who has never once cooked a steak before.

What do I do with this…. but man oh man, look at the marble finish! Oh, it is glorious. So now it’s time to get to work! My mouth was watering. Here is my play by play breakdown

I have every single window open in the apartment, all the kitchen vents on. Sizzle Sizzle baby! Can taste these beauts through the video

Look at the presentation! I mean… C’MON! This is a three filet Thursday lunch for one. It doesn’t get more manly than this! The seasoning was surprisingly perfect, if anything, I’d put a little less on next time around. I had some OG Delmonico’s Steak Sauce on the side to get some extra taste boost there. Reminds me of good oleeeeee New York City. Feels like yesterday.

As my Nonna would say, I was a “buono forchetta” AKA “good fork”!

I would give myself a 9.6/10 on this dish. I’m not just talking my book up, I had some serious skill in there. I’m not sure if I want to keep this cooking thing going, BUT I will say I had a lot of fun and the juicy meat was much more rewarding to eat when you have cooked it yourself. Maybe I’ll focus strictly on cooking animal meats in the kitchen. That will be my niche.

10/10 cooking experience, would do

PS – This was my first time incorporating pictures and videos. I hope it came out well.

New Week, New Thoughts

Happy Monday!

What a roller coaster last week was… Election Week. I feel like my central nervous system fought 9 rounds with Mike Tyson. I don’t think I am the only one who felt that way when the whole country was and has been on edge given all that is going on with the 2020 Presidential Election. Biden is the “winner” announced by the mainstream media, but that still doesn’t officially make him the president of the United States. If Trump somehow pulls the prestige of all magic tricks and squeaks a win out, this country will see more violence in city riots than George Floyd. A lot of uncertainty is still in the air, I personally am trying to tune out the political noise this week and focus my energy towards working on myself.

New week, new goals, new intentions, new energy, new results.

Intentions for the week:

  • Control what I can control
  • Daily journal / gratitude list
  • Yoga or run each day. Keep momentum from last week
  • Be gentle on myself. Don’t be hard on my actions/mess ups. Next one
  • Smile more
  • LISTEN, before speaking. God gave us two ears and one mouth

Obviously, these are intentions for my own self, but hopefully you can take one or two of these and apply to yourself this week. I have been keen on building daily healthy habits, big proponent on blockchain reactions and momentum.

We live in the greatest country in the world and am grateful to be free. That being said, it seems that we are being controlled more than we ever have been since we became free in 1776. Slowly taking away our freedom of speech and cancel culture has been the new “cool and trendy” thing to hop on. So, yes.. we are indeed free, but I am redefining a bit what “freedom” means

Freedom means not needing anyone & not needing to be anyone. Being able to detach from modern day social standards and expectations. Cultivating a life that allows you to pursue your highest callings and potential. THAT, is true freedom.

Have a kick ass week!