2020: A Year of Lessons Learned

This is going to sound a bit silly, but when I used to read through those old text books in middle school history class, I would have never thought I’d see myself as one of those pictures. This is silly because everything that isn’t the “now”, is history. It is the past. We are legitimately living in history. Every single day we wake up and our head hits the bed, we are part of history. This is truly an unprecedented time and one that will be talked about and illustrated through educational textbooks for generations to come. Netflix is most certainty already in the works for a documentary. So as December is quickly finishing up and our monumental year is coming to an end, I ask you…

What did you learn in 2020?

You are on your own. Self sufficiency is truly indispensable. With being self-sufficient comes taking certain matters into your own hand. Health is a big factor in that (as we are living in a virus pandemic). I invested in a WHOOP strap which has helped tremendously for providing 24/7 physiological data and getting to know my internal body better. No free ads, but I highly recommend it.

I have learned how important mental health is. This ties right along with choosing your habits wisely. These reflect strongly on your physical and mental fitness. Self-care is a priority, not a privilege.

I have also learned that people are very scared and that’s why we as a country have been easily forced to stay under control with no questions or push back. We are willingly and ready to go along with group/government pressure even if it means giving up some of your human rights in the midst of it. Freedom is not free and it should never be taken for granted.

I am thankful for starting my “Flexibull” brand. I have health, family, and good friends. I have learned that gratitude is a form of super power like the Hulk’s super strength. A little goes a long way. The world sucks right now and I would never sugar coat that. We are in a very devastating place as a country/world and unfortunately we are heading into a “dark winter” according to the top politicians and CDC officials. Remember that happiness is self-created. “Do not look for happiness outside yourself. The awakened seek happiness inside.”

Have an awesome end of the month and take time to reflect on the lessons you have learned this year!

Internal Mirror

2020 has been quite the year. Being in universal quarantine has given not just myself, but the whole world a time to really look at yourself in the mirror and self reflect on the last _ years of your life. You find out what has worked. You find out what hasn’t worked. You find out what tools you are going to use moving forward to come out of this pandemic stronger and a better version of yourself.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself over the last month?

Don’t just read that above question out loud. Really think and sit on that for a bit. Challenge yourself.

2020 has truly taught us the value of “time”. Kobe Bryant’s sudden death that shocked the world has heighted this value that we sometimes don’t always take the TIME (no pun intended) to stop and think about the concept. I have made it a point to know the true value of time. Life is too short to linger on problems and lose your courage over.

This Coronavirus is fucking horrible, BUT you have to find the small silver linings in tough situations like this virus has handcuffed us in. This virus has taught us the meaning of our priorities in life and what is truly important as we go through our day to days. Health, family and friends are just three of the many things in our life to be grateful for and not a day should go by where these are looked over or taken for granted(above paragraph for reference). We as a society have come to appreciate this more during the global lockdown. Crazy what can be taken away from you at any point in time. Even your own freedom to eat a damn burger inside!

So to answer the originally question, What is something you’ve learned about yourself over the last month?

I have learned to love myself more. I have learned to prioritize my health both physically and mentally. Using tools that were always there in my arsenal, but never seemed to utilize. I learned to put on my running shoes, chuck the airpods in (no free ads) and go for a run after work to decompress and compartmentalize my work days. This assures me that if I have a bad day at the office, I don’t bring it home with me and let it affect my 5:30pm on. I have learned to drink less with a conscious focus on moderation. The toxic social cycle of drinking two days a week and then going out heavy every weekend takes a massive toll on you mentally.

Like running, I have used the art of yoga to not only help me physically, but mentally AND spiritually. The work I put in on the mat gets reflected off the mat. I am not only benefiting myself, but everyone I interact with after! A true win win for everyone involved in my life. I find myself running around a lot (especially mentally), so yoga gives me an excellent carved out space in my day to slow my mind down and focus on being present in the flow practice. Also don’t hate the fact that I can feel myself becoming more flexible by the day! Yoga has so many benefits and I can’t recommend “Yoga with Adriene” enough (Check out her YouTube page). I have seen an increase in muscle strength and tone, better respiration and energy, and even a better sense of improved athletic performance. It pairs very well with my running practice.

Some people hate this year and the number sequence of “2020” gives them PTSD already, but I have enjoyed this time of self reflection. I strongly believe that I have become and will come out of this time a much better version of myself than I came in with.

2020 isn’t over yet, go finish it out strong and build daily healthy habits!

RIP NYC Social Scene

Coronavirus 1 – Having Fun at bars in New York City 0

There is no two ways about it.. the NYC social scene is dead. I was in the city a couple weekends ago watching the College Football Saturday slate with my friends and it felt so weird. Our party was for 12 people, but the law only allowed 10 at the table, which lead us to having to split two tables. 6 by 6. It truly felt like I was in a high school classroom again. No one was allowed to stand up. If I wanted to talk to my friend at the table now next to me, I had to play musical chairs and hunch my way over to their table. To use the common bathroom in the bar? 15-20 min. No exaggeration. I don’t care if you’re with your best friends, that’s not fun. I guess you can be bullish on apartment house parties making a comeback again.

Halloween is, and will always be the most overrated US Holiday. I don’t see myself doing anything like I have done in years past(large gathering). It’s a shame too because it’s on an actual Saturday this year!

Back to the social scene of NYC – I am not living there at the moment so maybe I am a bit bias, but I seriously have no reason to unnecessarily rag on the “new norm” of the city. But I am willing to fall on the sword that says, right now. As of October 13th 2020, the city is not fun.

Example: Let’s say you go out to dinner with a coworker and then 2 clients on a beautiful Thursday night after work in the fall. That’s a four person dinner. You eat somewhere in the West Village at 7pm. Now what do you do after? The bars? No, you can’t just hop around and find a nice tavern for post dinner night cap drinks. It is going to be difficult to find a place that will perfectly fit your party size of a walk-in table to get seated. The whole thing is backwards and a mess.

For me selfishly speaking (also learning it’s OK to be selfish), not living in the city, I am not getting that FOMO because I am missing absolutely nothing. I am not going out 2x a week AND then going out on the weekends. That has been a toxic social cycle I was stuck in and also a big money waster. Both my body AND my wallet have been thanking me. Taking this social aspect out of my life has made me much improved. Silver lining in everything.

Disclaimer – this blog is in no way meant to bash the city or not root for a comeback. If anything, I know it will come back stronger and more lively than ever. Until then.. I’ll be posted on the Ocean through Spring and enjoy weekend visits as a touris.