Yesterday, I was able to get to the beach. Working in an office from dark to dark, I knew that this was probably going to be the last time I hit the beach before the Spring of 2021. So, I put my wetsuit on and got the good vibes going. This message of being grateful and staying present will also be a nice mindset to lean on today. Have a great start to the week. Have a great end of the month. Cheers!

QOTD: Fear of Failure

Question of the Day: Do you let your fear of failure stop you from giving your best?

This is a new segment I am going to implement one to two times a week on this blog. It gives not only myself, but you guys as the readers a chance to ask yourself these deep and often times complex questions. That question is only one sentence and thirteen words, but it has already sparked much emotion and thought flow in my mind. Doing these early in the morning can give your brain a little jump start you may need that day. It doesn’t hurt to connect with your inner emotions and ask yourself these things.

Do you let your fear of failure stop you from giving your best?

No. The fear of personal failure has never stopped me from giving my best on a day to day basis. Other non-controllable have though such as a lack of confidence, not being assertive and a lack of focus.

That being said, I hate failure. I am extremely tough on myself and maybe that comes from being coached at the highest levels from my childhood through college. It is the way my brain works and sometimes it is counter productive when I am not gentle on myself. Sometimes the fear of failing through taking a huge life risk can enter my thought process and that can tie into the fear of failure stopping me from giving my best because I have the fear of leaving my comfort zone. This can be career, relationships, routines, habits etc.. It is completely normal to be afraid of failing. Just make sure when you fail, you fail upwards 🙂

As long as you stay self aware about your own fears and failure, you will be able to navigate these waters more smoothly.

Rabbit Rabbit

Happy November! There is something about the start of a new month. The seasons are shifting and the leaves are starting to turn. We turned back the clocks last night so it’s going to get darker around 4:30pm now. This has always been a challenge for me and sometimes I self diagnose myself with SAD (Season Affective Disorder). This year I am excited to use little tools and habits to combat the ole seasonal blues. It doesn’t hurt that I can see the Atlantic Ocean from my living room! There is something to say about that from a psychological aspect seeing such a naturally large body of water. Humbles and helps put certain things in perspective. November is going to get politically hectic, I am aware of this but some of this stuff I can’t control and I don’t want the uncontrollable holding me prisoner and affecting my day to day life. It still is important to be involved and aware of what is going on in our country… crazy times the United States is going through right now. Unfortunately, this is the most divided I have seen our country. Hopefully we can find a happy balance. This month I will be conscious about controlling what I can control. That is one of my few main themes for November.

New Months, new goals, new intentions, new mindset , new focus, new results! Even though I find myself growing and getting better, there can always be progress and and healthy life advancements.

Let’s have a great month!

PS- First “Flexibull” podcast dropping this week. Also have some new cool stuff coming this month for the brand. Stay tuned.

Daily Gratitude

The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness.

Throughout this blog I have talked about some of my new daily healthy habits I have incorporated during these last 8 months. One of my habits is writing down three things I am grateful for. It is one of the first things I do in the morning before taking on the rest of my day. Often times, we focus on what we don’t have in life or we can get in the mindset of comparing our lives to others. I can not stress how toxic of a mental state that is and hence why social media can be so destructive for modern day mental health. It is extremely easy for people to feel insecure in a world of social media highlight reels. You have to disconnect regularly. It is so crucial, yet difficult because we have everything at our finger tips, literally! Learn to disconnect to reconnect.

Three Things I am Grateful for Today (10/22/20):

  • My health
  • My family (and dogs!)
  • My personal relationships

These don’t need to be wordy or complex. Do not over think these, for there are no right or wrong answers! They have apps for daily gratitude. A popular one is called, “Five Minute Journal” which is AWESOME. I highly recommend checking it out if you need some structure to start out with. I used this from March until end of May, but then moved to pen and paper. There is something about hand writing my daily gratitude list. It is almost like the ink to the paper makes these things manifest more. Writing these things down disconnects us from toxic, negative emotions that we sometimes focus on as human beings. This is normal, do not beat yourself up over having these thoughts. Train your mind to be like a flowing river of thoughts. Don’t hang on the highs for too long, don’t hang on the lows for too long. Let the thoughts flow.

Expressing gratitude has a ton of benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increase in happiness and mood. Enhance positive emotions
  • More satisfaction through day to day life
  • Helps celebrate the present
  • Strengthen your social ties with relationships and self-worth (self-esteem)
  • Improves health, both physical and psychological

Get into the daily habit of this. It only takes a few minutes of your 24 hour day and the upside of life improvement is tremendous. It is a fantastic investment in your mental health growth. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish the good experiences, improve health, deal with adversity and help build strong relationships. Try this everyday for two weeks and you will see a difference.

Grateful for your time and for finishing my blog!

Writer’s Block

The day has finally come…

I like to start my week of with a writing piece. I did a lot of reading today. Work was bust and kept my mind occupied. I went down a continued rabbit hole on Bitcoin and block chain currency from this weekend. I was contemplating this morning what I was going to write about. While many things crossed my mind, I was unable to land on one topic, thus leading me to my first official writer’s block. Hello darkness my old friend….

My post work plans will be getting a run in, then hitting the Atlantic ocean for some fresh salt water, followed by some Monday homemade cheeseburgers and Madden draft. Right now, I have not informed myself enough yet to be speaking or blogging on Bitcoin but this is my #1 interest at the moment. Pretty cool stuff. Also pretty (very complex).

I have my new laptop finally up and running along side the new podcast equipment getting all set up in my at home studio. Excited for some pretty cool stuff to come! Also, new logo as you can see from the front page (still work in progress.) Have a great start to the week everyone! Cheers.

Internal Mirror

2020 has been quite the year. Being in universal quarantine has given not just myself, but the whole world a time to really look at yourself in the mirror and self reflect on the last _ years of your life. You find out what has worked. You find out what hasn’t worked. You find out what tools you are going to use moving forward to come out of this pandemic stronger and a better version of yourself.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself over the last month?

Don’t just read that above question out loud. Really think and sit on that for a bit. Challenge yourself.

2020 has truly taught us the value of “time”. Kobe Bryant’s sudden death that shocked the world has heighted this value that we sometimes don’t always take the TIME (no pun intended) to stop and think about the concept. I have made it a point to know the true value of time. Life is too short to linger on problems and lose your courage over.

This Coronavirus is fucking horrible, BUT you have to find the small silver linings in tough situations like this virus has handcuffed us in. This virus has taught us the meaning of our priorities in life and what is truly important as we go through our day to days. Health, family and friends are just three of the many things in our life to be grateful for and not a day should go by where these are looked over or taken for granted(above paragraph for reference). We as a society have come to appreciate this more during the global lockdown. Crazy what can be taken away from you at any point in time. Even your own freedom to eat a damn burger inside!

So to answer the originally question, What is something you’ve learned about yourself over the last month?

I have learned to love myself more. I have learned to prioritize my health both physically and mentally. Using tools that were always there in my arsenal, but never seemed to utilize. I learned to put on my running shoes, chuck the airpods in (no free ads) and go for a run after work to decompress and compartmentalize my work days. This assures me that if I have a bad day at the office, I don’t bring it home with me and let it affect my 5:30pm on. I have learned to drink less with a conscious focus on moderation. The toxic social cycle of drinking two days a week and then going out heavy every weekend takes a massive toll on you mentally.

Like running, I have used the art of yoga to not only help me physically, but mentally AND spiritually. The work I put in on the mat gets reflected off the mat. I am not only benefiting myself, but everyone I interact with after! A true win win for everyone involved in my life. I find myself running around a lot (especially mentally), so yoga gives me an excellent carved out space in my day to slow my mind down and focus on being present in the flow practice. Also don’t hate the fact that I can feel myself becoming more flexible by the day! Yoga has so many benefits and I can’t recommend “Yoga with Adriene” enough (Check out her YouTube page). I have seen an increase in muscle strength and tone, better respiration and energy, and even a better sense of improved athletic performance. It pairs very well with my running practice.

Some people hate this year and the number sequence of “2020” gives them PTSD already, but I have enjoyed this time of self reflection. I strongly believe that I have become and will come out of this time a much better version of myself than I came in with.

2020 isn’t over yet, go finish it out strong and build daily healthy habits!

RIP NYC Social Scene

Coronavirus 1 – Having Fun at bars in New York City 0

There is no two ways about it.. the NYC social scene is dead. I was in the city a couple weekends ago watching the College Football Saturday slate with my friends and it felt so weird. Our party was for 12 people, but the law only allowed 10 at the table, which lead us to having to split two tables. 6 by 6. It truly felt like I was in a high school classroom again. No one was allowed to stand up. If I wanted to talk to my friend at the table now next to me, I had to play musical chairs and hunch my way over to their table. To use the common bathroom in the bar? 15-20 min. No exaggeration. I don’t care if you’re with your best friends, that’s not fun. I guess you can be bullish on apartment house parties making a comeback again.

Halloween is, and will always be the most overrated US Holiday. I don’t see myself doing anything like I have done in years past(large gathering). It’s a shame too because it’s on an actual Saturday this year!

Back to the social scene of NYC – I am not living there at the moment so maybe I am a bit bias, but I seriously have no reason to unnecessarily rag on the “new norm” of the city. But I am willing to fall on the sword that says, right now. As of October 13th 2020, the city is not fun.

Example: Let’s say you go out to dinner with a coworker and then 2 clients on a beautiful Thursday night after work in the fall. That’s a four person dinner. You eat somewhere in the West Village at 7pm. Now what do you do after? The bars? No, you can’t just hop around and find a nice tavern for post dinner night cap drinks. It is going to be difficult to find a place that will perfectly fit your party size of a walk-in table to get seated. The whole thing is backwards and a mess.

For me selfishly speaking (also learning it’s OK to be selfish), not living in the city, I am not getting that FOMO because I am missing absolutely nothing. I am not going out 2x a week AND then going out on the weekends. That has been a toxic social cycle I was stuck in and also a big money waster. Both my body AND my wallet have been thanking me. Taking this social aspect out of my life has made me much improved. Silver lining in everything.

Disclaimer – this blog is in no way meant to bash the city or not root for a comeback. If anything, I know it will come back stronger and more lively than ever. Until then.. I’ll be posted on the Ocean through Spring and enjoy weekend visits as a touris.

Overcoming Powerlessness

In this trying time across the world, it is sometimes very tough to find the light right now. You may be feeling stuck in your current situation or feel a sense of powerlessness. Whatever it may be, know that this is just a feeling of natural emotion. This is just a passing moment in time.

How do you overcome feelings of powerlessness?

I focus on what I can control. I have made a conscious effort to not have excess stress on the uncontrollable that may come from day to days.

Being present both mentally and physically, gives me a grounded state of being which ultimately leads to a sense of “power” and control over myself and emotions. Not letting the past dictate my current life and not letting the fear of the future control where I am in this moment of time.

Focus on what YOU can control. Stay present. Two ways to overcome a feeling of powerlessness.

Cold Shower Gang #CSG

This simple life hack is a no brainer. If you are reading this, you own a shower. It will cost you absolutely nothing in US dollars and the only extra step you have to take is just don’t turn the temperature handle all the way left. The cold shower gang is an elite group of individuals. I joined the #CSG in May and have not looked back. A close friend of mine (shoutout NB) and the legendary, Wim “Ice Man” Hoff recruited me to take on this new habit. I have seen a ton of good benefits from this simple daily adjustment. Here are the top 4 benefits from cold showers I have seen:

Increase in willpower – When you wake up in the morning, your body is craving a hot shower and you automatically want to turn the handle all the way. This is beyond normal. Take this mindset away and replace it with something you don’t necessarily want to do ( a 50 degree shower at 6am) to increase your willpower. This then translates to other things in life you may not have control over. Drinking, drugs, gambling, food moderation (snack city) , attention craving and even sex. When that first cold blast of liquid hits your skin, your body and mind get a bit of a shock. When I hear the word, “shock” I automatically think bad. But this is a good kind! This shock increases your oxygen intake and increases your heart rate (speeds up metabolism). The exposure to these cold temperatures causes stem cells to form brown fat instead of white fat… FUN FACT! Brown fat causes our bodies to burn extra calories to keep warm.. So if we can produce brown instead of white fat, that could help burn off excess body fat you may or may not have put on during quarantine. Not all fats are bad… Covid- 15 > The Freshman 15.

Increase Blood Circulation – An increase in your circulation is one of the top reasons why experts recommend cold showers. Poor cardiovascular circulation compromises blood flow, thus stressing out the heart. This then leads to a number of health problems.. fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, muscle cramps etc.. When you improve your circulation, you are improving your heart health. The fresh increase in blood flow is enhancing your mental health performance, boosting your immune system (which is HUGE right now for a global pandemic) and helps develop more strength and energy to live the best way you want. We talk about being able to control what YOU can control. Taking care of your body and your health through daily habits is one thing you can do during this global health pandemic.

Reduces Muscle Inflammation – This has been my personal favorite benefit and something that I have really been noticing. After my running workouts, I ALWAYS take a cold shower and this helps reduce muscle soreness in the present and the following day to come. Cold water immersion has been scientifically proven to fight against the infamous DOM ( delayed muscle soreness). The cold showers lower the damaged tissue’s temperatures and constrict the blood vessels in these sore/sensitive areas. This is proven to help reduce any swelling and inflammation. Don’t just take this from a new blogger, but take it from the hundreds of professional athletes you see soaking in an ice bath after a strenuous workout. This is a simple, free, easy and natural way of speeding up the recovery process. This. Shit. Works.

Level Up in Happiness – Feeling down or stressed out? TAKE A COLD SHOWER. It is very difficult to be worried about something while you are taking on extreme temperatures on either side of the spectrum. Going from one extreme temperature to another is the best way to stay present.

A 2007 research study found that cold showers can help treat depression symptoms, and if used on a routine basis alongside lifestyle adjustments (cut beer out and boost your T levels), can complement the effects of prescription medications in lifting moods.

Pretty cool, right? The cold water triggers a flood of mood-boosting neurotransmitters which make you feel happy. It is a pure and natural rush of dopamine! Next time you feel yourself down and a bit of a depressed mental funk, get naked and take a cold shower. Report back.

Bottom line is this stuff works. Science has proven it and I also have tested it first hand. Give it a shot. Start with even just 45 seconds cold if you want to dabble with this concept. Cold showers will activate your natural healing powers to put you in a better psychological and mental state. You will start to feel yourself get healthier and happier. Definitely worth the building this into your lifestyle. Enjoy and GET COLD!